What is PDR

What is PDR

The paintless dent removal process bypasses the need for the use of body filler, paint and chemicals so its safer for the environment as well as preserving your original factory paint finish.

Price PDR don’t use plungers, suction equipment, or other devices that you my have seen advertised. Paintless dent removal takes years of training and practice to truly master. The results in the hands of the right PDR technician should be nothing short of amazing!

Paintless dent removal is a process of removing small dents, dings, and creases caused by such things as car doors, shopping trolleys, branches, hailstones, etc.

This procedure is carried out by accessing the relative panel through drain holes, manufacture holes or down the side of the window with custom made tools.

The dent is then read through a reflective board on the outside of the panel; a process of many precise and careful pushes eases the metal back to its original state.

Premier paintless dent removal